A Place For Everything

And Everything In Its Place

Project Description

Challenges: This client enjoyed collecting many things and the challenge was getting them to decide on keeping what was really needed or relevant. The client acknowledged that he had ADHD so it was necessary to utilize different strategies get through the organization process. Also, it was going to be necessary to set up a system that was simple and would work for him so he would maintain it.

Solution: The first step was to move everything out of the area into the rest of the garage. As we moved the items they went in rows. Each row was dedicated: keep, store, recycle, donate, give to family member, etc. Then cupboard spaces were dedicated to most used tools, etc. being easily accessed. The client had collected plastic nut containers/with lids which were re-purposed for all small items which could be easily seen and located. Inside the cupboards a second tier of shelves was put in to create more space. All labeling was done on the inside of the cupboards on the actual shelf. A couple smaller tool boxes were used to keep frequently used tools which could easily be taken somewhere if needed. End result was a workbench that could be accessed, used and supplies that could be located. There were a lot of donations and recycled items. Outcome: A very happy client!

Project Details

  • Client CB
  • Date March 15, 2013
  • Tags Garage, Home Organization
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