Clutter in the Closet

Stop Hiding A Mess In There!

Project Description

Challenges: The client kept buying additional office supplies because she couldn’t find the ones she knew she had somewhere.

Solutions: First, all items were removed from the closet and sorted. The items that were used most frequently were arranged on the lower shelf and the least used items were placed on the top shelf. The shelves were very deep so two wire shelves were used to create a second tier. This allowed for easier visibility of supplies. Baskets/bins were used to containerize smaller supplies. Labeling the containers was the last step. All supplies belonged to the client and no items needed to be purchased for this project. Containers were re-purposed from other areas of the home.

Project Details

  • Client KS
  • Date November 10, 2012
  • Tags Closets, Home Office Organization, Home Organization
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