Organizing A Playroom

Transforming Storage Into Useable Space

Project Description

Challenges: Creating a playroom area. This room was originally a master bedroom second closet, turned workout area, turned storage area. The parents decided to create a dedicated space for play instead of continuing to use the hallway or living room space, but this room was loaded full of boxes and exercise equipment that had to be handled.

Solution: The first step was sorting the child’s toys. Toys that the child outgrew were either stored away for a baby sister or brother or given away to Goodwill. Arranging the toys and drawing/art space in the closet area came next. Utilizing cubbies in an Ikea bookshelf to sort/label toys helped keep things contained and easy to find. No items were purchased for this project! This was re-purposing an area to create a needed space for a child’s playroom. The boxes and exercise equipment were put in the garage and were sorted and purged. Many items were donated to Goodwill and some were stored on metal shelving in the garage or stored in the attic in the garage.

Project Details

  • Client The Qs
  • Date June 4, 2012
  • Tags Home Organization
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